Perpetuating Holocaust Memories: Bipartisan support for The Never Again Education Act

One of the many difficult lessons the Holocaust has taught us is that Jews need not be influential or numerous in a country to give rise to anti-Semitism. According to the United States Holocaust [...]

The Turning Point of the War

Review of 1941 by Andrew Nagorski We tend to think of D-Day as the turning point of WWII: the day the Allies landed in Normandy to liberate France, and the entire Europe, from the Nazi invaders. [...]

Paola Minekov’s Undercurrents: The cover for Holocaust Memories

I have chosen Paola Minekov’s painting Undercurrents as the cover for my book of reviews of Holocaust memoirs, fiction and films, Holocaust Memories. Paola is a Bulgarian-born artist living in [...]

Psychopaths in history and life

Review of The Inner World of the Psychopath by Steve Becker Psychopathy is the psychological root of evil. Understanding what makes psychopaths tick can offer us invaluable emotional protection [...]

A precedent for the Holocaust: The Armenian genocide and „The Promise”

As Peter Balakian points out in the Preface of his book, The Burning Tigris: The Armenian genocide and America’s response (New York: Harper Perennial, 2004), the Holocaust had a significant [...]

Survivors Club: A Family’s Legendary Tale

Michael Bornstein’s Holocaust survival story is the stuff that legends are made of. A few years ago, Bornstein ran across a photo taken from footage taken by Soviet troops of the recently [...]

Conclusion: A History of the Holocaust via Reviews

As I conclude this book on the Holocaust, it’s only natural to reflect about the main discipline such a project pertains to: namely, the field of Judaic Studies.  In what follows I’d like to [...]

The Horrors of the Twentieth Century

Preface to Holocaust Memory This book, full of considerations of the unbearable, is haunted by a question posed, but never fully articulated by the author, along the following lines: How is it [...]

Between Fanaticism and Terror: Hitler, Stalin and The Noise of Time

During WWII much of Europe was caught in a vice between fanaticism and terror; between Hitler and Stalin. The plight of tens of millions of people falling victim to Stalinism on the one hand and [...]

Hazy Hints of Memory: After the Holocaust the Bells Still Ring

Early childhood development specialists emphasize the importance of having a nurturing and stable environment for infants and toddlers. That’s when the foundations of a child’s personality are [...]