Claudia Moscovici


Last Night I Dreamed about You

The Seducer Part II Chapter 1 “Baby, meet me at my place at one o’clock, okay? We’ll have the whole afternoon to ourselves. Karen’s putting in some overtime at work,” Michael whispered excitedly [...]

You’re So Beautiful and You’re Mine Now

The Seducer Part I Chapter 19 Michael parked his car in the lot closest to Zanzibar, the restaurant where he and Ana had agreed to meet for lunch. Although usually fearless, he felt strangely [...]

A Dying Love

The Seducer Part I Chapter 18 During the past few days, Ana couldn’t work. No matter how much she tried to focus on painting, she was distracted by thoughts of Michael. She recalled his long [...]

„You either love a person as she is or you don’t”

The Seducer Part I Chapter 17 Karen’s fingers ran rapidly over the computer keyboard. “Michael Rogers,” she typed in her fiancé’s name into the search engine. She found about half a million [...]

”It’s called salata de vinete”

The Seducer Part I Chapter 16 When Michael showed up at Ana’s house on the following Wednesday, he made sure that 1) he brought his checkbook to purchase her painting, 2) he arrived around [...]

It’s All About Having Fun

Ana looked over her new painting again. Somehow, everything felt wrong about it: the sinuous forms of the woman; the brightness of her red dress; the smile upon her lips; the sunny, flowing [...]

The Signal He Had Been Awaiting

The Seducer Part I Chapter 14  “Today’s the day! I’m taking out the trash,” Ana announced on Saturday morning. Being a neatness freak, she celebrated the day of the week when the garbage got [...]

So This Is What Conjugal Sex Must Feel Like

Part I Chapter 13 Michael felt himself sinking into the giving softness of the pillow. A warm, tingling sensation enveloped his midsection. He didn’t dare open his eyes, fearing that it might [...]

I Am Not Alone

Part I Chapter 12 Although Ana had closed the bedroom door, she could still hear the children’s voices shouting and laughing. On that Friday evening, they were hosting a double slumber party. In [...]

I’m Not a Baby Anymore

Part I Chapter 11 Ana stepped into the gallery which exhibited her artwork. She secretly hoped that an important art critic would drop by, see her work and whip up a sensational article on her [...]