Claudia Moscovici


From the Beaux-Arts tradition to the innovation of Art Forum

Frédéric Jousset has spanned the gamut in the arts in the course of his career. Raised in an artistic family—his mother, Marie-Laure Jousset was the Chief Curator at Beaubourg and his father, [...]

The Jewish National Fund: Growing Zionism

The Holocaust underscored for the Jewish people the necessity—and, many would argue, the historic right—of having their own nation. Deprived of full citizenship rights in many European countries [...]

An homage to friendship among women and to writing

It is unspeakably sad to lose one’s best friends. Even more so, perhaps, when the bonds of friendship are interwoven with professional mentorship and mutual support, a deep emotional [...]

Adela Cojab Moadeb: Fighting BDS and anti-Semitism on U.S. college campuses

In her article in the New York Post (December 14, 2019) about her fight against anti-Semitism on New York University’s campus, pro-Israel Jewish activist Adela Cojab Moadeb explains the [...]

„The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank” by Willy Lindwer

The Diary of Anne Frank constitutes one of the most important legacies of the Holocaust. The journal documents the experiences of a young Jewish girl, her family and acquaintances while they hid [...]

An artistic legacy from Bulgaria: Ivan Minekov and his daughter, Paola Minekov

The sculptor Ivan Minekov Ivan Minekov represents the rich and diverse tradition of Modernism in contemporary sculpture. Born in Bulgaria, he’s a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts Nicolae [...]

Zola champions Manet

Individualism, Autonomy and Originality in Art If any art collection can be said to have a profound impact upon the history of art and aesthetics, the paintings exhibited at the Salon de Refusés [...]

Intoxication: Artistic Fame and the Magnetic Persona

No matter what they may say, few artists create art  only for themselves. Just as few writers write only for themselves (unless they’re only writing in a journal, and even then, they may do it [...]

The Sculptural Photography of Vadim Stein

Given his background, it’s not that surprising that Vadim Stein’s photography has a sculptural–even monumental–look to it. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Stein studied sculpture restoration. He also [...]

Panodyssey: A 21st Century International Culture Salon

When I started a Twitter account several years ago, it wasn’t difficult to find the phrase that best captures me: “Born in the wrong century, a would-be salonnière.” Ever since college, when I [...]