Claudia Moscovici


I’ll Miss You Every Single Day

The Seducer Part II Chapter 9 Karen surveyed the apartment to decide where to begin packing. The bedroom seemed like the most logical place. She opened the upper hand left dresser drawer and [...]

Are You Planning to Leave Me?

The Seducer Part II Chapter 8 Ana arrived home with a heavy heart. For the first time since the beginning of her affair, she realized that she’d soon be compelled to make a choice between her [...]

Cheating on Our Partners

The Seducer Part II Chapter 7 Feeling like he had overplayed his hand, Michael decided to make a gesture of reconciliation. He called Ana the next day, sounding contrite. “Hey, Baby…” “Hi,” she [...]

The Love I Feel for You

The Seducer Part II Chapter 6 As Ana drove to their usual rendezvous spot, an outdoor parking garage right outside a circular restaurant with a slowly spinning tower, she spotted Michael running [...]

I Get the Perfect Lover

The Seducer Part II Chapter 5 Ana turned up the volume of the radio with one hand, while with the other she caressed Michael’s hair. She sat sideways next to him, her feet tucked underneath her [...]

I Share You with Another Woman

The Seducer Part II Chapter 4 Upon a whim, Michael decided to skip class that afternoon and surprise his girlfriend at her gallery. He peeked in through the glass door, to observe her without [...]

He Didn’t Deserve this Betrayal

The Seducer Part II Chapter 3 “Mama, can you please help me with my VIP project? It’s due tomorrow,” Allen said in his best whinny voice late one Sunday evening. He walked towards the kitchen [...]

A Penny for Your Thoughts!

The Seducer Part II Chapter 2 Michael sensed Karen’s hair tickle his shoulder. Her left foot brushed up against his leg as they lay still in bed, neither of them yet ready to acknowledge that [...]

Last Night I Dreamed about You

The Seducer Part II Chapter 1 “Baby, meet me at my place at one o’clock, okay? We’ll have the whole afternoon to ourselves. Karen’s putting in some overtime at work,” Michael whispered excitedly [...]

You’re So Beautiful and You’re Mine Now

The Seducer Part I Chapter 19 Michael parked his car in the lot closest to Zanzibar, the restaurant where he and Ana had agreed to meet for lunch. Although usually fearless, he felt strangely [...]