Claudia Moscovici


How do you escape from the psychopathic bond?

The psychopathic bond resembles any other kind of powerful addiction. Nobody and nothing can save an addict unless she’s willing to save herself. Others can only offer her emotional support, [...]

Why do most of us lack awareness of psychopaths?

If you think about it rationally, however, you come to realize that this belief rests upon an illusion. It may be true that you and your loved ones are not statistically likely to fall prey to a [...]


Has the psychopath a sort of addiction from emotions? Is his obsession for the preys similar to the obsession that a victim experiences toward him? Yes and no. The psychopath is, above all, an [...]

Why are all psychopaths (not just criminals) dangerous?

Generally speaking, psychology isn’t a precise science. Human behavior is highly complex and can’t be reduced to scientific explanations. Psychopathy, however, may be the one exception to this [...]

What is psychopathic seduction?

Dangerous Liaisons explains the motivations of psychopathic individuals, which are far more relevant to understanding their evil actions than their so-called motives. Motives are often rational [...]

Jekyll and Hyde Personalities

Hare and Babiak call the psychopath “the perfect invisible predator. Like chameleons, psychopaths can hide who they really are and mask their true intentions from their victims for extended [...]

Political Psychopaths: Ceausescu, Hitler and Stalin

As a scholar whose writing focuses on totalitarian movements and as someone who’s experienced first-hand, as a child, life under the psychopathic dictator Nicolae Ceausescu in communist Romania, [...]

Without Conscience

For normal people, it’s difficult to imagine such a person without conscience. To most of us, the psychopath represents a distant danger or an abstraction. It’s a concept we can comprehend [...]

„E timpul să ne întoarcem la suflet”

Diana Evantia Barca despre Legături Periculoase (Dangerous Liaisons) ERA News, Iulie 2016 Familia Moscovici are un nume cu rezonanță, după ce Serge Moscovici, un intelectual născut în 1925 la [...]

Psychopaths and Murder

Unfortunately, their personality disorder often passes unnoticed until they commit a horrific crime. Some psychopaths, like Charles Manson, would appear crazy to a normal person even from miles [...]