Claudia Moscovici


She’s the One

Part I Chapter 9 Driving home after his encounter with Ana, Michael felt elated. Not so much because he thought that he had made an indelible impression upon the young woman, but because she, [...]

The Impressionist movement and the artwork of Chris van Dijk

More than a style of art, Impressionism is a movement and a unique way of looking at the world that was shocking in its day and continues to have relevance to contemporary artists s. Originally, [...]

“Are You an Art Lover?”

Chapter 8 Michael gazed outside and, despite the religious setting, cursed under his breath when he saw that it was pouring buckets. In just nine months, I’ll leave this wretched Midwest to bask [...]

An Impenetrable Ego

Michael returned home exhausted. He plopped down on the couch, propping his feet up on the coffee table. He turned on the T.V. and flipped channels. Not finding anything of interest, he turned it [...]

He cheated on me with one of his students

Chapter 6 Karen drove back home, her eyes clouded by tears. She entered her parents’ house and headed straight for the refrigerator. A therapeutic gallon of chocolate swirl ice cream awaited her [...]

You Drive Me Crazy!

Chapter 5 In the days following the blowup with Karen, Michael took a short break from his hyperactive sex life. He made a genuine effort to miss his fiancée. He remembered Karen’s patience. The [...]

A precedent for the Holocaust: The Armenian genocide and „The Promise”

As Peter Balakian points out in the Preface of his book, The Burning Tigris: The Armenian genocide and America’s response (New York: Harper Perennial, 2004), the Holocaust had a significant [...]

A Knot of Jealousy

Chapter 4 (you can read Chapter 3 here: Fiery, Lovely Eyes) Michael returned home from the bachelor party around 4 a.m. As soon as he stepped into the living room, he noticed that the red light [...]

Fiery, Lovely Eyes

Chapter 3 “So did I choose well or did I choose well?” asked Alain Boulanger, a Frenchman whose last name sounded very seductive to American women: until, that is, they learned it meant “baker”. [...]

A First-Class Experience: CEO Paul Glantz re-Emagines Movie Theaters 

Ten years ago, many thought that movie theaters would go by the wayside, the way the video rental industry has. With the rise in popularity of Netflix (founded in 1997), Hulu (founded in 2007) [...]