Claudia Moscovici


What kind of person stays with a psychopath or narcissist?

So far I’ve tried to explain that just about any person can be initially fooled by a psychopath’s mask of sanity and become involved with such a disordered individual. However, while any of us [...]

Partners in Evil

You probably have heard on the news about the kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Duguard, when she was only 11 years old. The young girl was kidnapped on June 10, 1991 from a school bus stop near her home [...]

Review of Red Flags of Lovefraud

Donna Andersen, the author of Love Fraud the book  and the website/support group, has recently published a new book, called Red Flags of Love Fraud: Ten Signs You’re Dating a [...]

Psychopaths in history and life

Review of The Inner World of the Psychopath by Steve Becker Psychopathy is the psychological root of evil. Understanding what makes psychopaths tick can offer us invaluable emotional protection [...]

Why do psychopaths lie?

Psychopaths lie pathologically about pretty much everything: their past, their present and their future. Whatever lies you discover about the psychopath in your life are likely to be just the tip [...]

Red Flags: How to Identify a Loser

The most important self-defense against psychopathic seducers consists of recognizing the initial warning signals so that you can escape the relationship early on, hopefully before you’re [...]

Psychopaths and Pathological Lying

Untruthfulness and Insincerity We’ve gotten to Cleckley’s most significant symptoms of psychopathy: untruthfulness and insincerity. This is so central to the psychopath’s character and way of [...]

Psychopaths are ticking time bombs

Unreliability Obviously, if psychopaths were unreliable from the start, they wouldn’t ensnare so many victims. Few women, for instance, would continue to date a man who stood them up on the first [...]

Why psychopathy is NOT a mental illness or a neurotic disorder

Absence of Delusions and Other Signs of Irrational Thinking Despite being capable of actions that we’d associate with insanity—such as killing their family members in cold-blood, then going out [...]

The Psychopath’s Superficial Charm and Intelligence

Cleckley observes, “More often than not, the typical psychopath will seem particularly agreeable and make a distinctly positive impression when he is first encountered. Alert and friendly in his [...]