Claudia Moscovici


Part I: Romanticism

 In his study of Romanticism, The Mirror and the Lamp, M. H. Abrams distinguishes between a theory and an orientation. A theory begins with a set of assumptions that lead to a conclusion that [...]

Romanticism and Postromanticism

Introduction The Branches of Romanticism E. H. Gombrich declared in his monumental history of art that “There really is no such thing as Art. There are only artists”(15). By this he meant that [...]

The Turning Point of the War

Review of 1941 by Andrew Nagorski We tend to think of D-Day as the turning point of WWII: the day the Allies landed in Normandy to liberate France, and the entire Europe, from the Nazi invaders. [...]

Reclaiming your life

Conclusion   Reclaiming Your Life: Asserting Your Agency and Your Boundaries   Many of the women who love psychopaths intuitively know that they’re dealing with a sick man. Yet they feel like [...]

Building Self-Esteem

Know your Worth: A Healthy Self-Esteem is the Key to a Good Life In an earlier chapter I explained how a psychopath controls his targets by exploiting their distorted self-image. Any woman may be [...]

Don’t stay with a psychopath

Resisting Family/External Pressure to Stay with the Psychopath If you have a psychopathic husband, you’re likely to face not only internal pressure to stay in the relationship, but also external [...]

Why it’s hard to get rid of a psychopath

Relationship Boomerang: Why it’s Hard to Get Rid of a Psychopath Even if you manage to break up with a psychopath, you may still not be completely free of him. Relationships with a psychopath are [...]

Fighting a smear campaign

  Fighting the Psychopath’s Smear Campaign I have shown earlier how the psychopath, as a human predator, attempts to isolate you from your sources of validation and support so that you become [...]

Mourning a toxic relationship

 The Two Phases of Mourning: The Rational and the Emotional Since I began working on this book, I’ve followed with great interest the testimonials of women who have been intimately involved with [...]

Psychopaths in Therapy

By now it should be quite obvious that a psychopathic partner will agree to go to therapy with you only if he believes that there’s something in it for him, not because he actually cares about [...]