”It’s called salata de vinete”

The Seducer Part I Chapter 16 When Michael showed up at Ana’s house on the following Wednesday, he made sure that 1) he brought his checkbook to purchase her painting, 2) he arrived around [...]

It’s All About Having Fun

Ana looked over her new painting again. Somehow, everything felt wrong about it: the sinuous forms of the woman; the brightness of her red dress; the smile upon her lips; the sunny, flowing [...]

The Signal He Had Been Awaiting

The Seducer Part I Chapter 14  “Today’s the day! I’m taking out the trash,” Ana announced on Saturday morning. Being a neatness freak, she celebrated the day of the week when the garbage got [...]

So This Is What Conjugal Sex Must Feel Like

Part I Chapter 13 Michael felt himself sinking into the giving softness of the pillow. A warm, tingling sensation enveloped his midsection. He didn’t dare open his eyes, fearing that it might [...]

I Am Not Alone

Part I Chapter 12 Although Ana had closed the bedroom door, she could still hear the children’s voices shouting and laughing. On that Friday evening, they were hosting a double slumber party. In [...]

I’m Not a Baby Anymore

Part I Chapter 11 Ana stepped into the gallery which exhibited her artwork. She secretly hoped that an important art critic would drop by, see her work and whip up a sensational article on her [...]

What You Want To Do With Your Life

Part I Chapter 10 Ana rushed to her car in the pouring rain, placing her purse above her head in lieu of an umbrella. She braced herself for the traffic she’d have to face on her way back to Ann [...]

She’s the One

Part I Chapter 9 Driving home after his encounter with Ana, Michael felt elated. Not so much because he thought that he had made an indelible impression upon the young woman, but because she, [...]

“Are You an Art Lover?”

Chapter 8 Michael gazed outside and, despite the religious setting, cursed under his breath when he saw that it was pouring buckets. In just nine months, I’ll leave this wretched Midwest to bask [...]

An Impenetrable Ego

Michael returned home exhausted. He plopped down on the couch, propping his feet up on the coffee table. He turned on the T.V. and flipped channels. Not finding anything of interest, he turned it [...]