You’re Not the Person I Thought You Were

The Seducer Part II Chapter 19 “I love you! See you after school,” Ana kissed her son on his ruddy cheek. “Alright, Mom,” Allen mumbled. He turned away from his mother, to indicate to his peers [...]

Excuses? Hell no!

The Seducer Part II Chapter 18 The bedroom door was shut, but Karen could still hear her giggles, her half-hearted protests, his tender inducements and his grunts. They kept her up at night, like [...]

It Hurts

The Seducer Part II Chapter 17 “I got you a little something,” Ana announced with a coy smile, extending her husband a greeting card. Rob looked quizzingly into her eyes as he tore open the [...]

Loss, Nostalgia and Pain

The Seducer Part II Chapter 16 Michael felt something tickle his back. He brushed it off with a somnolent, half-conscious gesture, but the sensation persisted. He turned over and opened his eyes. [...]

Who Was that Man I Saw You with?

The Seducer Part II  Chapter 15 “What are you doing with Kitt?” Ana asked her daughter. They had purchased the 1930’s doll, complete with her art nouveau bedroom set, only last summer. “Nothing. [...]

You’re Absolutely Wonderful

The Seducer Part II Chapter 14 Ana heard her husband open the garage, unlock the back door, then take a few steps on the creaky hardwood floor towards the closet. She sat by the phone, frozen in [...]

How Could I Possibly Want Her to Be the Mother of My Kids?

The Seducer Part II Chapter 13 Ana and Michael stood side-by-side, naked. At his sweetly voiced request, she wore only a red heart shaped apron wrapped around her waist. They washed together the [...]

You’re my Pretty Little Doll

The Seducer Part II Chapter 12 They sat down at the ice cream parlor. Ana was enjoying a chocolate yogurt soft serve while Michael finished up a lemon sherbet in its fruit shell. His gaze [...]

Will You Take Care of Me?

The Seducer Part II Chapter 11 “Let’s climb up on the roof together!” Michael suggested to Ana, on impulse. He hoped to entice her to make love outdoors, now that his home had become their turf, [...]

Why Didn’t You at least Try to Stop her from Leaving?

The Seducer Part II Chapter 10 Since Rob and the kids went to an indoor water park that Sunday and Ana was allergic to chlorine, she stayed behind at home. As soon as she heard the garage door [...]