The Love I Feel for You

The Seducer Part II Chapter 6 As Ana drove to their usual rendezvous spot, an outdoor parking garage right outside a circular restaurant with a slowly spinning tower, she spotted Michael running [...]

I Get the Perfect Lover

The Seducer Part II Chapter 5 Ana turned up the volume of the radio with one hand, while with the other she caressed Michael’s hair. She sat sideways next to him, her feet tucked underneath her [...]

I Share You with Another Woman

The Seducer Part II Chapter 4 Upon a whim, Michael decided to skip class that afternoon and surprise his girlfriend at her gallery. He peeked in through the glass door, to observe her without [...]

He Didn’t Deserve this Betrayal

The Seducer Part II Chapter 3 “Mama, can you please help me with my VIP project? It’s due tomorrow,” Allen said in his best whinny voice late one Sunday evening. He walked towards the kitchen [...]

A Penny for Your Thoughts!

The Seducer Part II Chapter 2 Michael sensed Karen’s hair tickle his shoulder. Her left foot brushed up against his leg as they lay still in bed, neither of them yet ready to acknowledge that [...]

Last Night I Dreamed about You

The Seducer Part II Chapter 1 “Baby, meet me at my place at one o’clock, okay? We’ll have the whole afternoon to ourselves. Karen’s putting in some overtime at work,” Michael whispered excitedly [...]

You’re So Beautiful and You’re Mine Now

The Seducer Part I Chapter 19 Michael parked his car in the lot closest to Zanzibar, the restaurant where he and Ana had agreed to meet for lunch. Although usually fearless, he felt strangely [...]

A Dying Love

The Seducer Part I Chapter 18 During the past few days, Ana couldn’t work. No matter how much she tried to focus on painting, she was distracted by thoughts of Michael. She recalled his long [...]

„You either love a person as she is or you don’t”

The Seducer Part I Chapter 17 Karen’s fingers ran rapidly over the computer keyboard. “Michael Rogers,” she typed in her fiancé’s name into the search engine. She found about half a million [...]

”It’s called salata de vinete”

The Seducer Part I Chapter 16 When Michael showed up at Ana’s house on the following Wednesday, he made sure that 1) he brought his checkbook to purchase her painting, 2) he arrived around [...]