The Sculptural Photography of Vadim Stein

Given his background, it’s not that surprising that Vadim Stein’s photography has a sculptural–even monumental–look to it. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Stein studied sculpture restoration. He also [...]

Panodyssey: A 21st Century International Culture Salon

When I started a Twitter account several years ago, it wasn’t difficult to find the phrase that best captures me: “Born in the wrong century, a would-be salonnière.” Ever since college, when I [...]

Why We Love Books

How books are made, the process of publishing, who writes them and for what purpose has changed tremendously over time. But one thing remains the same: we still love to read books. Under whatever [...]

The Dynamic Abstraction of Nicolas Longo

I don’t know if Nicolas Longo likes to be compared to other artists. Many artists don’t, yet nobody lives in a cultural vacuum. As an art historian and art critic, I try to describe the [...]

A Surrealist Futurism: The Art of Adam Martinakis

The cosmopolitan artist Adam Martinakis was born in Poland, grew up in Greece and lives in England. His style combines a unique mixture of Surrealism and Futurism and his genre can be described [...]

Cum scriu scriitorii ficțiune

Marching to the beat of your own drum Într-un articol precedent, intitulat „De ce scriu scriitorii”, am elaborat o parte dintre motivele pentru care scriitorii scriu ficţiune, trecând în revistă [...]

The New Art Nouveau of Richard Burlet

In 1899, the controversial Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt, also associated with the Art Nouveau movement, displayed his starkly sexualized painting, Nuda Verita, with a famous quotation [...]

Expressivity: Art and Emotion

We tend to associate art and emotion. The Romantic notion of art as the product of an emotive, sensitive and inspired artist who creates masterpieces to move the public has not altogether [...]

Panodyssey and the love of classical music

The founder and CEO of the new international cultural website Panodyssey, Alexandre Leforestier, first achieved great success in promoting classical music. In the early 2000’s, he helped take [...]

Carole Feuerman’s Art: Verisimilitude, Aesthetic Value and Artistic Freedom

Carole Feuerman‘s life-like–yet larger-than-life sculptures–are known throughout the world. During the 1970’s, she was a pioneer of Hyperrealism, along with Duane Hanson and John De Andrea.  Her [...]