Dangerous Liaisons

Psychopaths and Murder

Unfortunately, their personality disorder often passes unnoticed until they commit a horrific crime. Some psychopaths, like Charles Manson, would appear crazy to a normal person even from miles [...]

Psychopaths: Emotional Vampires

My native country, Romania, is best known for a fictional character, Dracula, which is only loosely based on a historical fact: the infamous legend of Vlad Tepes. Novels that draw upon this [...]

Psychopathy: When truth is stranger than fiction

Sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction. Consider the following true story, which sounds so fantastic that it could have been lifted off the pages of an Agatha Christie mystery. One October [...]

About ”Dangerous Liasions”

Începând cu această săptămână, în fiecare luni, veți putea descoperi, în varianta originală (în limba engleză), romanul meu „Legături periculoase: cum să recunoști un psihopat și să scapi din [...]