The Impressionist movement and the artwork of Chris van Dijk

More than a style of art, Impressionism is a movement and a unique way of looking at the world that was shocking in its day and continues to have relevance to contemporary artists s. Originally, [...]

A First-Class Experience: CEO Paul Glantz re-Emagines Movie Theaters 

Ten years ago, many thought that movie theaters would go by the wayside, the way the video rental industry has. With the rise in popularity of Netflix (founded in 1997), Hulu (founded in 2007) [...]

Realism in Contemporary Art

The aesthetic revolution that occurred during the twentieth century is unprecedented in the history of Western art. Even the invention of one-point perspective and the soft shading that gives the [...]

Sensuality in art: The erotic versus the pornographic

Quite justifiably, we believe that there’s a fine line between sensuality and sexuality. We also believe that there’s a difference between pornography and art. In fact, these two distinctions [...]


Edson Campos’ postromantic painting, Desire, holds up a mirror to both sides of desire: its beauty, sensuality and temptation and its potential dangers. The painting is enveloped in a crimson [...]

Fairy Tales in Image Form

– Ekaterina Belinskaya Photography – Ekaterina Belinskaya’s international success offers a pretty good argument that innate talent can sometimes be more important than experience. At [...]

Expressionist Art

The best-known artist considered to be the forefather of the Expressionist movement is the Norwegian painter, Edvard Munch (1863-1944). Rather than focus, like the Impressionists did, on the [...]

Why is there so little psychopathy awareness?

It seems like people tend to research psychopathy and other personality disorders after they’ve been burned. I have decided to repost an entry from last year that examines some of the reasons why [...]

The surprising and stunning photography of Andrey Yakovlev and Lili Aleeva

The French writer Francoise Sagan once said “Art must take reality by surprise.” I think that applies especially to the art of photography. Photography today shares with architecture a double [...]

Dante’s Dream

In his new charcoal drawing, Dante’s Dream, the postromantic painter Edson Campos continues his Great Masters series, which has included pastiches of paintings by Vermeer, David and Delacroix: [...]